I am Truly Blessed

Welcome to
“I Am Truly Blessed”
Every time you come to this site I hope to
accomplish the fact that as you think of the site
or tell someone of the site that you will reaffirm
the fact that
you are “Truly Blessed”.

There has been much confusion over the definitions
between psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. Recently
many people have told us they don't know the difference
between all of these “names” given to the readers that
work with spirit and energy and that are blessed with.
Below is a brief explanation that may be helpful to you in
chosing your next psychic for a reading.

Psychic - Sensitive to non psychical forces & influences.
See’s & experiences things that don’t exist in front of

Medium – A person who has a gift that allows spirit to
come through to them & give messages to you from the

Clairvoyance – Having the ability to see objects or events
beyond the range of our normal senses

No Reader can guarantee 100% accuracy. However, we
feel that in our group of the “TRULY BLESSED” that every
reader at our events works their hardest to deliver the
best reading they can.

           Rev. Marty